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Gaia Equity is an inclusive, founder friendly firm investing in the intersection of Enterprise Software and Climate Tech

Gaia Fund

We are looking to invest in software companies in customer service, process automation, supply chain, and climate tech.

Businesses worldwide are ramping up their digital capabilities not just to survive, but also to thrive. Companies are specifically scaling their technology investments in customer service, process automation, and supply chain as part of their digital transformation roadmaps. With increased focus on achieving "net-zero" emissions, businesses are investing in software enabled solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Gaia Fund is looking to invest in software as a service (SaaS) companies that are delivering innovative solutions in these markets. We will partner with the management team to help them drive their growth agenda, leveraging our deep operational expertise and value creation playbook.

A proven track record

Gaia Equity was founded by Deepak Krishnamurthy, who has a proven track record as an investor, operator, and strategist across SAP, McKinsey & Cognizant.

Prior to Gaia, Deepak was the EVP & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at SAP, where he architected the company’s strategy and transformation that resulted in a nearly 3X increase in top line, a 4X increase in market cap, and over $100 Billion in shareholder value. Qualtrics, one of his investments at SAP,  went public recently at $20+ Billion valuation, representing a 50% IRR return. Deepak has worked on all sides of software growth from executive to acquirer, venture investor, and board member.

Investment Track Record


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